Spire have worked with some of the UK and Europes largest companies, providing unrivaled architectural services in various sectors such as residential, social housing, education, commercial and historical. With smarter working procedures, Spire constantly provide value for money to its clients, which is never sacrificed with quality.

Spire have a passion for architecture, beautiful design and bespoke eye-catching work that never fails to deliver. We ensure all our clients expectations are not just met but surpassed when delivering any design work we partake in. We have worked with large clients and individuals on impressive projects to get you inspired.

We offer a myriad of services to meet your needs on every project large to small, Spire have the team to deliver…


With world-class expertise – creative and technical – we help to realise buildings that are better because they are more useful and attractive to the people who own and inhabit them, more sympathetic to their context and more commercially sustainable.

Spire has a growing reputation for producing the high-performance, technically rigorous architecture that underpins the transport interchanges, sports facilities and data infrastructure the modern world increasingly depends upon. We use the latest data-driven tools to shape buildings whose design is human through and though. And we never forget that our work will be used by millions daily, and must always meet the highest standards of sustainability, safety and energy performance.

We have delivered countless projects of the highest quality, below are out best examples of what we do…

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