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Whether it is a bespoke architectural service for a large project, an in depth detailed building survey required for a historic structure or ensuring your organisation is compliant with the latest regulations and legislation – we are on hand to deliver.

Spire have worked with some of the UK and Europes largest companies, providing unrivaled professional construction services in various sectors such as residential, social housing, education, commercial and historical. With smarter working procedures, Spire constantly provide value for money to its clients, which is never sacrificed with quality.

We are fast becoming one of the most trusted names in our field of work, offering a “one stop shop” ethos on construction and property consultancy. Spire challenge common perceptions of what consultancy means to companies that need us, listening to our customers and tailoring our services. Working differently, Spire achieve being more approachable and flexible to the every growing needs of todays businesses.


Our roots stem from the North East of England, originating in the architectural sector focusing heavily on design and aesthetics through out the built environment across the region. Spire quickly branched out into the UK and Europe, building working relationships with some of its biggest companies, moving into new disciples of surveying, asset management and property. Spire and its original directors came not solely from private practices and consultancy firms, but worked predominantly in house with large clients. We believe this has shifted our focus from stock codes of practice and standard solutions, to focusing on what the client actually requires from a project.


Spire are a firm believer in client focused working practices, putting the client at the forefront of everything we do. Our visions and Values reflect this, ensuring our expertise is utilized to the benefit of our clients.

Spire pride themselves on the values of being honest, professional, collaborative and commercial. Honesty is the cornerstone on which we run our business and also key to repeat business. We ensure our services are carried out with the utmost professionalism on every project, and working collaboratively together ensures this is achieved. We pride ourselves on being commercially minded for our clients, ensuring the best value for their investment is achieved, whether this is by intelligent design, competent surveys or diligently managed assets, our values ensure quality is always prevalent.